Drinks, Jokes & Storytelling – The Back Story

Not only is storytelling an art that throughout time has passed information, life lessons and entertainment from generation to generation, it is one of the oldest art forms celebrated. It is also the best part of the entertainment business. Just ask Mark Riccadonna about when the the show is over. After the place has cleared out, there is no better feeling then bellying up to the bar with your fellow performers, cracking a drink and a smile, while entertaining your fellow entertainers. What he does on stage isn't what entertains Mark. He loves the stories from the green room, a sparkle in the eye, a drink in hand and a great tale from the road. In "Drinks, Jokes and Storytelling" it Mark's goal to bring the green room out to the stage and let the audience see behind the scenes of what entertains their entertainment.


  1. Intro Vegas Of The Midwest & Potheads
  2. Hemorrhoids
  3. Accents & The C Word
  4. Dog Guy
  5. Drunk Honda & Kazoo In A Bubble Bath
  6. Dude & The Ring
  7. Lost Weight & Skydiving
  8. Chinese Massage
  9. Digital Age
  10. Southern BBQ
  11. Civil War
  12. TSA Pat Down
  13. Kids, School & My Grandfather
  14. Politics & Music
  15. Wii & The Fat Guy
  16. Turtle Sex & The Hurricane Seat
  17. Wrestling
  18. Not A Small Joke

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